Charles Kenwright

Charles Kenwright down under in New Zealand
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Vita Charles Kenwright

In one way or another I’ve been dealing professionally with images for over 40 years now, and I’m still getting a buzz out of it. I trained in the early 1970´s as a printer. Then whilst working for an international oil concern I retrained as a photographer. I worked on scientific, advertising and image projects in studios and on various locations. During this time I became more and more involved with video and now feel equally at home behind a stills, or a video camera and in an editing suite.

At the start of the 90´s I moved from the U.K. to Germany. Here I worked as a freelance photographer and video producer in Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria. This time also heralded the more widespread introduction of broadband and digital media therefore, I soon became involved in the production of multimedia projects and the internet.

Nothing stays, or should stay, the same; at the end of the 90´s I also started working as a picture editor (one could say „poacher turned gamekeeper“). Of course it’s getting harder and harder to ignore digital photography and the related computer software – if one chooses to that is – and I’ve whole heartedly embraced the advantages that this medium gives the photographer and picture buyer. Now I work with a mix of digital and analogue equipment.

Please feel free to browse through the various image and video galleries. If you´ve interest in any of the images or videos on my website,  or you just feel like a chat, please don´t hesitate to get in touch, I´d love to hear from you!

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