copyright: Dr. Günter Zöhrer/

copyright: Dr. Günter Zöhrer/


April 9  Abstrakte Stadtansichten  City Abstracts

City Abstracts copyright: charles kenwright/

City Abstracts
copyright: charles kenwright/

For the second time we´re presenting the photography workshop “City Abstracts” in the beautiful gothic town of Landshut on the 9th April 2016.

See and photograph doors, curbs and manholes in a new way. Discover the riches of abstract city photography. Learn how to photograph what´s under your feet or in front of your nose! What difference does the aperture, the shutter speed and the lens make? The English photographer, Charles Kenwright, together with Foto Petzold will give you the answer to these questions. The necessary theory in the seminar room will be kept to the minimum to allow lots of hands on time out in the centre of Gothic Landshut! And it´s fun too!

Please bring: camera, lens or lenses, full batteries and empty memory cards with you.

Registration: Telephone Foto Petzold under 0871 89871 or email them at